Toneplay – Future’s Sight Preset Pack

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“The Future’s Sight preset pack is perfect for the budding street-and-cityscape photographer. Specially handcrafted from scratch, each of my presets is tailored specifically to fulfill a certain niche in urban-styled photography. My favorite presets are Wintermute and Overcast, perfect for my shots taken in the city during the night and day respectively. With steel-gray tones, stark white facades, ethereal skylines and more, my preset pack has everything you need to create the scene of a city from the far future.


  • FREE Bonus Preset
    • Sunfire
  • 5 Unique Lightroom Presets
    • Elegance
    • Wintermute
    • Winedark
    • Eventide
    • Overcast
  • PDF containing useful tips


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