Tonez For Humans – Preset Collection by Rodney Brown

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Capturing meaningful photographs and moments is hard enough. Spend more time on what matters, and less time staring at your computer screen.
Tonez for Humans is an intentional set of 5 Presets aimed at giving you a great starting point for clean skin tones, consistency and amazing versatility.
TFH was created for all types of shooters, environments and subjects. You want your stuff bright and warm? Covered. Dark and moody? Got that too, bud. These presets were made for tweaking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Tonez For Humans - Preset Collection by Rodney Brown


5 Presets for Lighroom


1. Uno- Your go-to preset. He’s your main hitta. Muted yet somehow still rich colors, saving skin tones. One click. Uno

2. Wavvy – The most understated of the bunch. A very light preset adding just enough contrast and warmth to give a perfect image a bit more.

3. Suhwheat – On trend. This is your skinny jeans and chelsea boots. Higher contrast & desaturated. Perfect when you want to add a lot of warmth to an image, or working with a scene that is naturally cold.

4. Vibey – All purpose black and white. Faded, gently crushed blacks. Creamy whites. The perfect balance between moody and… not so moody.

5. Monroe – Classy 1950, 60s vibes. Light on the blacks, with a focus on more grays and whites. Full of nostalgia. Just like mama used to make. Or maybe your mama’s mama. 


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