Travel film LUTs

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Hey color lovers!

These LUTs based on Kodak 5207 Vis3 emulation could be used for any footage as a creative LUTs or be a good starting point for a grade.

Travel film LUTsTravel film LUTs

Travel film LUTsTravel film LUTsTravel film LUTsTravel film LUTsTravel film LUTs

Use these LUTs to color correct your videos and photos and give them a cinematic color grade. Quickly create an amazing cinematic grade using these LUTs with only a few clicks.

The LUTs are in .cube format and you can use them in most editing programs including Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPx, Photoshop, Sony Vegas and After Effects.

WHAT\’S INSIDE: You\’ll receive 6 .cube files, .jpg previews and instructions text file


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