Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset 5914234

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Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset

This includes:

  • 1 preset for Lightroom Mobile (.dng file)
  • This download also includes an easy-to-follow walkthrough guide with 10 steps on how to use the lightroom app and how to install your presets and use them.

Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset 5914234Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset 5914234

Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset 5914234
Tropical Lightroom Mobile Preset 5914234

This preset is perfect for bloggers, photographers, influencers, and creatives. Tropical is the perfect photography preset that will enhance your photos of beaches, jungle scenes, poolside pics, and anything tropical! Photography presets are essential if you want to create a consistent look and feel for your feed and can streamline your photo editing workflow.

This preset works best with photos that have blues, greens, and beachy scenes. Tropical will enhance and turn your vacation/getaway photos into a stunning curated Instagram feed!

All you need

  • iPhone or Android device
  • Lightroom mobile app


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