Unwrap Machine – Circular Distort Action D23NSJT

Unlock the mesmerizing power of surreal distorted photo manipulations with the Kaleidoscope Photoshop Effect Action.
This innovative Photoshop unwrap tool empowers you to effortlessly create psychedelic fractal patterns that will leave viewers in awe. Perfect for creating circular album and vinyl cover designs.

**Select a layer, press play, and let the action do the rest!
Tip: Rotate the image at any degree before rendering to get a different output.
This Photoshop action comes with the Repeating Render feature: play the action on and on to add new tessellations.
Requirements: For best results, the image must measure a minimum of 3000px (height or width).**
Unleash your imagination and watch as ordinary images transform into abstract warped masterpieces.

• 1 .atn action file.
• 1 Pdf Help Guide. addOnsFileTypes: ATN,PDF
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop
Additions: hasDocumentation,


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