Vintage Retro Kodak Film Look Lightroom Presets 7KQUS4E

Vintage Retro Kodak Film Look Lightroom Presets Pack – Immerse your photographs in the timeless essence of classic film with our meticulously crafted presets for Adobe Lightroom. This pack is designed to emulate the distinctive charm of vintage Kodak film, bringing a warm, nostalgic feel to your modern digital images. Achieve that coveted classic film look with ease and transform your photos into timeless works of art.

Whether you are a professional photographer looking to add a vintage flair to your portfolio or a hobbyist who loves the retro aesthetic, our presets offer a diverse range of effects. From the soft, warm tones of yesteryears to the grainy textures of analog photography, this pack will help you replicate the Kodak film magic in your digital photos.

– Comprehensive Collection: Includes 8 XMP and 8 DNG presets, offering a versatile range of vintage styles and moods.
– Authentic Film Emulation: Carefully designed to mimic the look and feel of classic Kodak film, adding depth, warmth, and character to your photos.
– Easy to Use: Simply apply the presets with a click in Adobe Lightroom to instantly transform your images.
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Adobe Lightroom on desktop and mobile, allowing you to edit your photos anytime, anywhere.

With the Vintage Retro Kodak Film Look Lightroom Presets Pack, you have the power to turn your digital images into timeless masterpieces. Embrace the beauty of vintage photography and let your creativity flourish with our classic film emulation presets for Adobe Lightroom. Available now in both XMP and DNG formats.addOnsFileTypes: DNG,XMP
addOnsApplicationsSupported: Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Lightroom
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