Watercolor Creation Kit GCD6KD9

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Compatible with CS6 and above

This set of Photoshop Actions will automatically convert your photos in highly realistic watercolor artwork with 1 click.

Whether you are a Photoshop beginner or expert, this tool will save you plenty of time and will surely impress whoever you show your artwork to!

Watercolor Creation Kit GCD6KD9Watercolor Creation Kit GCD6KD9

Watercolor Creation Kit GCD6KD9
Watercolor Creation Kit GCD6KD9

The Watercolor Creation Kit gives you the ability to..

  • Transform your photos into watercolor art with a few clicks.
  • Choose from various texture presets. All textures are hand-painted, scanned it at 600 DPI and converted to seamless patterns (5000 x 5000px).
  • Control the darkness of the texture edges.
  • Control how visible you want the textures to be.
  • Choose from various brightness/contrast presets.
  • Apply the effect to your entire photo or reveal only the areas you want.
  • Add watercolor drops using 17 high-resolution brushes.
  • Choose from 3 levels of watercolor texture separation

A link to the video tutorial and support page are included in the download


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