10 Best Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

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A wedding is a precious moment in everyone’s life. People want to make this moment remembered for the rest of their life. So they hire photographers to do that. Professional wedding photographers always try their level best to capture every moment worth remembering. 

To make an image amazing and gorgeous, only raw photography won’t help. A perfect combination of professional photography and post-processing is the secret recipe for stunning looking wedding images.

For professional wedding photography, you will require expensive gadgets like a DSLR camera, lenses, photography lighting setup, camera equipment (Tripod, Trolly, etc.). But for post-processing, you will only need an image editing software.

You can find tons of photo editing software online, but not all of them can fulfill your requirements. Among thousands of image editing software, I will recommend you to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

In this article, I will provide the 10 best free wedding lightroom presets. These presets will reduce your image editing hassle and save your time. Just insert your image, download the presets, install them, apply them, and boom, your image is ready. So without further delay let’s get started…

10 Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

Sunny Day Wedding Preset

Editing wedding photos and getting the perfect filter is a tiresome job for editors. That’s why presets are very useful if you use adobe lightroom to edit the photos. A sunny day is one of the beautiful image editings presets for wedding photos.

This filter makes the image warmth and enhances the beauty of the subject. It reduces the darkish vibe from the image and gives the image a bright sunny look. This preset not only gives a bright look, but it also reduces the excessive brightness of the image.

The default settings for a sunny day wedding preset are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +52

Highlights: -10

Shadow: +31

White: -2

Blacks: +7

Clarity: 0

Vibrance: 0

Download the preset for free, install it to your lightroom, and start editing. Tweak the settings if you need or you can go with the default settings.

Cloudy Wedding Preset

Want to do some outdoor wedding photo sessions, but it’s cloudy out there? You can’t let ruin your wedding day images because of some stupid cloud, right? Well, not to worry, the cloudy wedding preset allows your cloudy day pictures to bloom.

This lightroom preset makes your ordinary wedding image into a masterpiece. Cloudy day images lack lighting and brightness issues. The lights remain soft because of the cloud. This could make a color imbalance in your images.

Cloudy lightroom preset fixes the light balance and provides a perfect shadow effect. Now outdoor wedding photography has never been so stress-free on a cloudy day. Download the preset and install it. 

The default settings for the cloudy wedding preset are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +26

Highlights: -33

Shadow: -19

White: -19

Blacks: +9

Clarity: 0

Vibrance: 0

This preset is perfect for cloudy weather, so if the sun strikes harshly on your wedding day don’t be upset because the cloudy wedding preset will help to reduce the harshness of the light.

Elegant Wedding

Searching for the best wedding photos to use on social media? If you are a social media lover and want to get positive reactions from your friends all over the world, then the “Elegant Wedding” lightroom preset is the solution for you.

Sometimes, after capturing the perfect wedding photo, it may look harsh and visually striking. This lightroom preset reduces the temperature and softens the image that increases brightness and enhances the quality of the image.

Elegant Lightroom preset makes the wedding image elegant and premium. You can make your image livelihood and all the memories with it. So enough waiting, download and install the preset and start editing.

The default settings for the elegant wedding are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +15

Highlights: -36

Shadow: +27

White: -27

Blacks: +73

Clarity: +13

Vibrance: +15

Make your wedding photos look elegant and classy just like your marriage. Adjust settings and make your own customized preset if you need it.

Soft Skin Wedding Preset

Who doesn’t want to look flawless at their wedding? What if you get dull skin or spots on that day? Well, the soft skin wedding preset can be the lifesaver for you then. With some minor skin retouching in the lightroom and using this preset you can fix the skin tone palettes of your wedding photos.

Soft skin preset makes the skin tone glow and pop. Shoot the images with proper light, remove the background or unwanted objects from the image, and apply the preset. See the before after image below to get the actual idea of the preset.

The default settings for soft skin wedding preset are like 

Saturation: -26

Contrast: -24

Highlights: -2

Shadow: +12

White: -2

Blacks: +7

Clarity: -30

Vibrance: 0

Direct light can make your skin look harsh and make the shadow darker. To fix and soften the skin use a soft skin wedding preset to get the perfect solution.

Vintage Style

It is an image editing filter that represents the previous era, but with a modern-day touch. It’s a beautiful lightroom preset for wedding photos. If you love the 80s or 90s era, then you can add this vintage style to your wedding photos.

This image editing filter creates a brownish color on top of the image that’s why it is perfect for wedding photography near the sea or lake. You can tweak a bit and change the saturation, highlights, or shadows according to your taste.

The default settings for vintage style are like 

Saturation: -26

Contrast: +60

Highlights: -29

Shadow: +14

White: -43

Blacks: +17

Clarity: -5

Vibrance: -10

If you want more light into your image, then adjust the highlights slider. To boost the color, you can change saturation and contrast according to your need.

Contrast Wedding Preset

Who doesn’t like colorful images? At the wedding ceremony, everyone wants to look flashy and attractive. This adobe lightroom preset works best for images with low contrast. Make your wedding image sharper, vivid, and contrasty. You can use your washed out wedding photos with this prest and your image will get color with sharpness.

Try using images with colorful backgrounds even if they are dull. This preset will help to pop up all the colors on the image so it doesn’t matter that the actual color of your image is dull or not. 

The default settings for contrast wedding preset are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +52

Highlights: -31

Shadow: +24

White: -29

Blacks: -14

Clarity: -5

Vibrance: -5

If you require more color you can increase the contrast. Download the preset and start editing.

The Bouquet

If you like to give a warm touch to your wedding images then you can use the bouquet lightroom preset. It reduces shadows and boosts the lighting slightly. It is perfect for wedding photos because wedding images need to look flashy and gorgeous.

The bouquet increases the clarity and the contrast of the images. So if you apply this to your wedding photos you will get a stunning warmly bright image that will make your memory fresh even when you see them after a decade.

The default settings for contrast wedding preset are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +19

Highlights: -54

Shadow: +58

White: -41

Blacks: +18

Clarity: +17

Vibrance: +8

Your image will get a yellowish texture to it and you can tweak the highlights by reducing it to -100 you want the less yellow effect.

Golden Hush by Be Art

Golden hush preset is developed by Be Art. It creates a pinkish layer over the image with a slightly golden touch to it. It is specifically made for wedding day photos and as it provides a pinkish vibe to the image, if you like pink then this can be your one of the favorite lightroom preset.

The images come out vibrant, clear, and perfectly saturated. The detail remains intact after applying the preset. The highlight will be less than shadow and you can do small tweaks if you like as well. I will suggest you do some skin retouching before applying the filter.

You can also remove the background and add a new one if needed. The default settings for golden hush are like 

Saturation: +20

Contrast: -7

Highlights: -20

Shadow: +26

White: 0

Blacks: +19

Clarity: 0

Vibrance: +10

Download the preset and use it on your wedding photos that are suitable for this filter.

Love is by Be Art

Marriage is the sweetest and pure thing a couple can do in love. The editors of Be Art recognize that purity and sweetness that is why they built a preset and named it “Love is”. It creates a sweet and greenish filter on the image that allows your photos to look premium.

This preset will enhance the quality of wedding photos. The saturation is a little bit high but the contrast is 0 in this filter. It is great for portrait shots of couples in wedding photography. This preset allows photographers to play with light and shadow slightly.

Spread the love with your wedding images even after a decade by using the “Love is” lightroom preset. The default settings for love is are like 

Saturation: +20

Contrast: -7

Highlights: -20

Shadow: +26

White: 0

Blacks: +19

Clarity: 0

Vibrance: +10

You can see the before/after image to get an idea of what this preset does. Install it today and apply it to your images to see the actual result on your own.

Portrait Matte

This wedding lightroom preset is best for portrait images. With this preset, you can edit all the portrait photos you have with your partner and make them gorgeous. Portrait matte filter lets you work with colors and contrast.

If you want to do an outdoor portrait photoshoot on your wedding day then this lightroom preset can be the perfect filter for you. It will boost the saturation and the image will look stunning. The default settings for the portrait matte are like 

Saturation: 0

Contrast: +9

Highlights: +5

Shadow: +14

White: +11

Blacks: +9

Clarity: 0

Vibrance: 0

Install the preset and apply it to your portrait image. If you don’t feel right just play with the settings and find what works for you best.

Final Verdict

All these adobe lightroom presets are perfect for wedding photos, but you can also use them in your other photos. All the presets we mention here are available for free download. You can adjust all the presets according to your image requirements.

Lightroom presets are easy to install, use, and customize. To install presets on the adobe lightroom cc 2020 version, you need to insert the image and then click on the “Develop” menu from the top right option bar. 

Then see the left side menu where you will find the preset option. Click on the “+” sign and select the preset you want to install and click “Import”.

You can find thousands of lightroom presets online, but not all of them are good for editing wedding photos. We have filtered and selected these 10 best free wedding lightroom presets for you so that your wedding photos get noticed and complimented by everyone.


What is a Lightroom preset?

Preset is a combination of photo editing settings that helps you to achieve your desired results and provide your image a certain look. With Lightroom presets, you can enhance the beauty of your image with just one click. Install the preset on your lightroom cc and apply it to your image.

Do professional photographers use presets?

Sadly yes, but according to us professional photographers shouldn’t rely on presets. Professional photographers should visualize the client’s desired results and using their photo editing skills they should deliver according to that. They can use presets for reference and minor touch-ups, but relying on the lightroom presets is forbidden if you want to be a professional photographer.

Which is the best camera for wedding photography?

Our first choice for the best camera to shoot wedding photos is “Sony a7 III” with 35mm Full-frame sensor and 24.2 megapixels. Apart from this camera, “Nikon D850” is the top-rated camera by photographers for wedding photography. If you are looking for the best value, then you can go for the “Nikon D750”.

Which is better, Lightroom, or Photoshop?

Photoshop and lightroom both offer the same basic image editing. So why does Adobe create two software with the same capabilities? Well, photoshop is more complex and serves multi-purpose graphic designing solutions, including photo editing. To make the image post-processing easier for the photographers and editing experts Adobe then releases the lightroom cc.

It is more organized and specifically built for photo editing. So if you require any software to do only image editing work, then the lightroom is the best option.

Can I edit RAW photos in Lightroom CC?

Yes, you can import RAW photos in lightroom cc and edit them however you like. Not only RAW photos, but lightroom cc supports TIFF, JPEG files as well.

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