1924US – Lightroom Preset for Harsh Light

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Included in this kit are 3 Lightroom presets specifically made for this photo session with Shaanti.. The presets are created to be used for natural mid-day or harsh light situations (the kind we often avoid or simply think we can’t shoot in)!
1924US - Lightroom Preset for Harsh Light
1924US - Lightroom Preset for Harsh Light
1924US - Lightroom Preset for Harsh Light1924US - Lightroom Preset for Harsh Light


Warm – This preset has subtle cool tones but is predominantly warmer – with yellow in the highlights, softer shadows and an all-round more 60s feel.

Blue – A moody, editorial inspired preset. I created this one to have blue in the highlights balanced with gold in the mid-tones and darker shadows.

Black and white – To match the harsh light, this is a deep and contrasted preset that simplifies the images while giving them timelessness, I am always drawn to this kind of edit!

made for Adobe lightroom CC, & classic. Can be used on desktop (and mobile, if the user has an adobe account).


These presets will be available only for a limited time as they are specific to our own shoots. It’s an honor to share them with you as we grow as image creators, and like always – make sure to tag us in any images you use them on!! We would love to see them 🙂


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