Mastering Golden Hour – Portrait Photography

If you enjoy portrait photography and would like to become “more creative” in capturing stunning and surreal images utilizing the warm even light in Golden Hour, then this class is just for you! Tyrone has spent many hours studying the various characteristics of the Golden Hour. The stunning effects created on various textures produced by the long directional natural light has always intrigued and inspired him.

So pick up your DSLR camera and journey with him in this class as he shares various lighting techniques, camera settings, useful tips, and creative ideas on how to capture and utilize this gorgeous light.

In this class you will learn:

    • The characteristics that make the Golden Hour so magical
    • How to capture and control the natural light in Golden Hour more effectively
    • How to bounce and add more light utilizing light reflectors at correct angles
    • Creative ideas using different light aspects
    • Creative compositional elements
    • Camera settings that will assist your creative vision

Whether new to photography or exploring new techniques and possibilities, by applying what you learn in this class, you will be able to think outside of the box, develop your abilities and start creating “your unique photography style.”


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