REX Shooter Color Grade LR Presets

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I’m a photographer and educator living in the sunny part of Southern California. I’m all about nature and capturing real moments. What excites me is finding new and creative ways to create art and I have an unmanly love for French bulldogs.
REX Shooter Color Grade LR Presets
Whether that be portraits or travel photography, I have learned a lot in the many years as a photographer and I want to help new and aspiring photographers avoid pitfalls that I faced and the daunting technical aspects of photography that would hinder photographers and get them back to achieving the art they set foot on creating. I’m a firm believer in building community and aspire to teach other fellow photographers with their journey through photography. Whether it is landscape, portrait, or wedding and engagement photography, I’ve learned a lot of different techniques and tricks that will take your photography to the next level while keeping it very simple to follow.

Photography shouldn’t be hard, but certain key techniques I learned along the way after making mistakes time and time again, hindered me from my potential. I struggled for a long time with creating the art I wanted or the look I was going for. I want to help spread light on key industry secrets that I had to discover on my own. Insights to overcome certain issues all new photographers face as I once was a newbie, I just want to speed up your potential!


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